Friday, January 13, 2012

pink ribbon

And again I take photo inside my house because the weather aren't really good outside. It's rainy all the day so I can't take any picture outdoor.

 I wear hats from random online shop, ribbon tank from ZARA, tutu skirt from online shop for only $20 Singapore, oh maybe this tutu will be my best of the best buy item:D

 Heels from decimal shoes, tights from asos and hermes kelly bag. oh and are you wondering how walking in that shoes? It's just like a normal wedges! So comfort and they have perfect heights too. Anyway I'm so happy I've been wanted this pink hermes kelly taiga for a longg time and finally mom bought it for me for my christmas present! yeayyy!

someday in somewhere

Well maybe someday I can see all people in Surabaya have their own uniform in one day and it gonna be so cute! All people can have their own creativity to creat a different way of his/her outfit to make the uniform don't look same. It gonna be so cute!

 Cardigan from gaudi, red skirt from ZARA, pixie heels from June & Julia hats from random online shop and of course my favorite vintage bag from MANGO.

Black-white-red, why not?

This is my third post for today. i rarely wear jumpers but I find this kind of jumper only for $30 Singapore in Vivo city, Singapore! This jumper is soo cutee and the price too. Maybe this is my best buy iitem

 Paired it with heart hole dress that I worn as a top from Mrs.clothes
 And again I wear red lipstick which match with my converse and bowler hat

Tie me up

So today I'm gonna post my four look that I've been wanting to post it for a longgggg time but again I don't have any time. So today is Friday night and i'm free! so I'm gonna post my all look
I got this dress for a several years ago and I don't wear it for a very looongg time.

 I got this cute leopard Dress from Angela tan and heels from Stella Mccartney

 And I just try to don't make this outfit look overcute so I just mix it with my jeans outer from ZARA.

 Stella mccartney is a really great brand! see how they unique but elegant heels and mix with so lovely colours oh I just can't stop stare her collection.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

you smile I cheer

This is my first look on lookbook. I just want to full in my blog with my all look, that's why I post this look and my second look on lookbook. Actually I've been wanted to post this look but I'm busy enough with my school.

Am I look like a rainbow? lol.

 So this is what I wear : unbranded glasses that I bought from Europe, Heart necklace and ring from Hongkong. Pink blazer, T-shirt, bodycon skirt and low pump heels from ZARA

Now I really miss my nail art. London flag nail art. I can't have any nail art now because my school don't want any student to have their nail art.